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Call of Duty: Cold War set a new sales record for the series

Turns out Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War has enjoyed quite a fine start to life. Activision says the new FPS game set a new record for the highest total of digital sales on day one for the series.

“This new title is releasing into the largest and most engaged Call of Duty community ever,” says Activision Blizzard executive Anna Malmhake (thanks, Charlie Intel). “We look forward to delivering an incredible amount of free post launch content, events, and support for the entire community as Black Ops – Cold War evolves just as we did last year following the release of Modern Warfare.”

Specific details past that weren’t given, but it’s not too shabby is it? Chances are multiple factors play a part. Sony and Microsoft have released their new consoles, so plenty will be mulling around for something to play. Also, the Warzone battle royale mode has proven to be a big hit, and is continuing life alongside COD: Cold War. On top of all of that, the war game has reviewed well, and, well, it’s a Call of Duty game.

We are quite fond of it ourselves. In our Call of Duty: Cold War review, we said “Treyarch’s latest feels like it’s only a few quality of life changes away from being the perfect revival of the Black Ops series,” and that “it delivers on all three fronts and manages to subtly freshen some of the series’ most stale ingredients”.

While the game has only been out for a few days, the chatter has already shifted to balance patches for PvP. The war game’s MP5 is a bit good, it turns out, and progression is tad slower than usual. That’s okay, though, as Treyarch lead designer Tony Flame has been chatting about Call of Duty: Cold War’s balance, and says “there will be weapon, scorestreak, and more balance changes coming in with Season 1, if not sooner.”

If you’re jumping in, we’ve wrangled together heaps of guides to make your experience easier. Our Call of Duty Cold War Operation Chaos and Call of Duty Cold War Operation Red Circus suspects explainers will help you through some of the more tricky parts of the new campaign.


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