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Palworld release date, early access launch, trailers, and latest news

Get set for the Palworld release date with all the latest gameplay trailers and updates for the creature collector, from early access to co-op mode.

When is the Palworld release date? The monster-taming genre has found a new home on PC, gaining popularity alongside titles like Temtem, Coromon, and Cassette Beasts. Palworld, the latest addition to this unique genre, takes an intriguing twist.

In essence, Palworld is Pokémon with a twist – guns. While you can still aim to be the best, this game allows you to enforce that title with an assault rifle. It’s a bizarre concept that goes even further when you see the assembly lines at work. If you’re ready to dive into an RPG that embraces surrealism and satire while retaining the core elements of classic Pokémon games, make sure to mark the Palworld release date on your calendar.

Palworld release date:

Palworld is set to launch in early access on Friday, January 19, 2023, a date confirmed by developer Pocketpair in the official announcement trailer, as well as on the official Steam page.

During the early access period, Pocketpair plans to introduce numerous additions to the open-world game, including new monsters, locations, and dungeons. The studio emphasizes the importance of community feedback to fine-tune Palworld’s balance and ensure it becomes the best it can be.

Palworld will be available on PC via Steam and on Xbox Series X|S. For more details on Palworld’s availability on Game Pass, check out our dedicated guide regarding this Xbox console exclusive coming to the subscription-driven platform.

Palworld trailers:

Palworld first caught attention with its official trailer in June 2021. It made waves online due to its abrupt shifts between typical creature collection gameplay and surreal scenes of the protagonist using firearms on monsters, referred to as Pals, and incorporating them into an assembly line for weapon manufacturing. Subsequent official trailers continued with this unique formula, showcasing Pals strapped to gurneys, armed with machine guns, and engaging in unconventional activities.

Palworld’s Tokyo Game Show 2022 trailer reveals the Palworld arena, where players can pit their owned Pals against each other. It showcases inventive ways to utilize Pals in combat, from using them as ammunition for a missile launcher to arming them with guns. The trailer also offers glimpses of various locations, from an arctic lake to an active volcano.

The release date announcement trailer during Summer Games Fest 2023 catapulted Palworld from a cult following to mainstream attention. In addition to revealing the early access release date, it provided insights into the complex farming systems in Palworld, where a rural farmstead is maintained by obedient Pals, equipped with cooking pots, tesla coils, and furnaces.

Palworld gameplay:

While Palworld promises a genre-defying experience, its core gameplay centers around creature collection, much like Pokémon. The open world is teeming with various Pals, which players can capture using specially designed spheres.

Pocketpair has gradually unveiled the entire Paldeck, Palworld’s equivalent of a Pokédex, through an official YouTube playlist featuring over 100 monsters. These Pals aid in traversal and defense, and Palworld introduces a robust genetics system for breeding rare and powerful variations.

In Palworld, players can pit their Pals against each other for improvement. However, Palworld departs from the typical pacifistic approach found in creature collection games. Instead, players have access to a range of weapons, from fists to comically oversized rocket launchers, to survive in its ecosystem. If you’ve ever wanted to use an assault rifle against a Team Rocket equivalent, Palworld offers that opportunity.

In Palworld, organized crime appears as prevalent as in the Pokémon universe. A local poaching syndicate wields substantial firepower, including assault rifles and tanks, and they conduct experiments on Pals for their sinister purposes. Presumably, players must put an end to their activities, even if it means employing questionable methods to raise Pals.

Palworld incorporates mechanics from survival and crafting games to navigate harsh environments. Players can delegate tasks such as farming, mining, and construction to their Pals. However, both players and Pals require sustenance to survive, potentially leading to difficult choices, including using Pals as a source of food.

Palworld also offers online multiplayer options, allowing players to embark on adventures with real-life friends following the release date. While not an MMO, Palworld supports multiplayer for up to 32 players through dedicated servers, but you can also play offline in single-player mode. Additionally, a PvP mode is planned for release after the initial launch.

With the Palworld release date approaching, check out the latest system requirements and discover other indie games to keep you entertained. Alternatively, explore the top free PC games to enjoy without spending a dime.


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