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Comments Policy

Gameplay2 maintains a comment system on most articles to encourage democratic information exchange and deepen the discussion on subjects that frequent the blog. To participate it is necessary to observe the following rules of conduct. Those who fail to comply with them may have their participation in Gameplay2 immediately prevented. The rules listed here comply only with the principles of morality, ethics and good customs.

The commentator is prohibited from:

Send spam and advertising comments;
Impersonating another person, company or institution;
Publish pornographic, racist, discriminatory or offensive material of any kind against people, companies or institutions;
Publish material that encourages pedophilia and / or exploitation of minors;
Publish information about illegal activities and incite crimes;
Post several comments in a row with the aim of frequenting the list of most frequent commentators;
Publish comments with links to affiliate programs;
Post comments that do not concern the subject portrayed in the article or content viewed (off topic);
Publish empty comments of arguments, with the sole purpose of engaging in a distorted discussion of technological or intellectual purpose;
Use the comment system to engage in commercial activities;
Engage in any activity prohibited by law;
Engage in religious preaching.
Reproduce in full news published in other media.

The commentator is the only and total responsible for all content of his authorship that is published in this blog. Comments containing suggestions for correction in the text will be considered, but may not be displayed on the website.

GamePlay2 reserves the right to delete comments that are considered negative for the website’s image or that could be used in court against its administrators and editors. Any comment can be deleted without notice, at the sole discretion of the site administration.

This policy can be changed at any time without notice. We recommend reading it periodically.

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