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How to get the Clark Kent skin in Fortnite

Learn how to unlock the skin for the Daily Planet’s top reporter

Want to know how to get the Clark Kent skin in Fortnite? In order to unlock the Fortnite Superman skin, you first need to unlock his alter ego, Clark Kent. Thankfully, getting this free Fortnite skin is as simple as completing a few tasks, most of which have links to previously introduced mechanics in the latest season of the popular battle royale game.

Completing these challenges will also net you a whole bunch of experience for the battle pass, but they’re far from the only challenges out there you can complete. The legendary challenges include placing a bioscanner in an alien biome, eliminating trespassers, finding a detector to disable an alien billboard, and placing spy probes. You also need to complete epic challenges to unlock various Superman-related cosmetic items, so you may be interested in learning how to bring the Fortnite alien samples to Corny Complex.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. You’ll first need to complete a set of challenges to get the Clark Kent skin, and we have the list of seven tasks you need to finish. All of them are relatively straightforward to complete, so we’ll just get right to it.


To get the Clark Kent skin in Fortnite, you need to complete the following challenges:

  • Take damage from a player and survive
  • Reach 99 speed in a vehicle
  • Use a launchpad
  • Fly a saucer
  • Visit three different named locations
  • Visit the Mothership or Alien Biome
  • Defeat aliens

There are some challenges that you may get a bit stuck on if you don’t know where to go, but thankfully we have some guides that go into a bit more detail. With any luck, the abductors should be back soon so you can visit the Fortnite mothership. The best vehicle to reach that top speed in the game currently is the Ferrari 296 GTB, which is found in certain garages. You can find launchpads in any one of the Fortnite satellite stations scattered throughout the map, while flying a saucer is as simple as shooting down one of the Fortnite UFOs to eliminate one of the many trespassers now on the map. We recommend that you use the UFO to mop up any named locations you’ve not visited as part of the relevant challenge.

This will take care of the vast majority of the challenges, and it’s likely you’ve taken damage from a player – and hopefully survived – in the process. If you’re looking for more Fortnite skins to unlock, why not check out how to unlock the Gamora skin, or hunt down any one of the Fortnite alien artifacts you’ve not picked up yet? You can unlock more Kymera styles with these items – and the season’s nearly over, so grab them while you can If you’re a fan of Naruto or Kevin the Cube, you may want to check out everything we currently know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 release date.


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